Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What Bamboo...Awop Bop aloo Bop Alot of Bamboo !

Hear , as we can see , the now very rare sight of Gardeners in their natural habitat, getting ready to nest for the night. The nest, is skillfully constructed from old bamboo, using techniques handed down through the generations. The head Gardener, or Simon, as we shall call him, can be seen, leading the other two under-gardeners a.k.a Mick and Josh, who incidentally are from the rare ' Big Nose ' tribe, in a ritual back straining and hernia inducing pulling of the aforementioned Bamboo. And so, it is time to leave this scene of Male bonding, so they can settle down, safe in the knowledge that soon, Graham will join them bearing steaming hot tea and maybe a Rich tea biscuit, for , it has been a Very long Day....

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