Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow hits Worcester Big time !

Thursday 7am. I wake after a rather bad nights sleep, look out the window to see snow. Lots of snow. In fact bloody loads of the stuff. A lesser man would have panicked. But I am now half way through season two of Ice Road Truckers so I consider myself experienced in all matters snow and ice. I trudge to work slowly contemplating who might be in to join me in clearing the paths of the dreaded white stuff. Of course the old war hero Ady would be in, and maybe Smudge as he has a big 4x4 but as for the others there was little hope as they live in the sticks. But to my suprise I am greeted with a friendly hello from Mickey. From around the corner Ady appears and then Flossy and Neil pull into the car park. What I didn't bargain for was the old bulldog spirit kicking in and over the next few minutes all bar Lucy (who is at college) and Graham turn up. We set to clearing and to my suprise reinforcements arrive in the shape of the maintenance team. The job was done in record time and we even had time for a photo shoot and a bundle in the snow.

So to all my courageous colleagues, I salute you for your hard work and extreme efforts today.

1 comment:

  1. Hullo wocogaga bloggers!

    Worcester looks so beautiful in the snow.

    Hope you are staying warm and not working too hard ...

    Happy blogging!

    Love Simon's sister x

    P.S. What is round, white, and laughs a lot?

    A tickled onion.

    What?! x