Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hey Mr Tambourine Man...

Quite a busy day today; Smudge, Flossy & I (Lulabelle) were to build the new staging in the peach glasshouse for all our lovely, lovingly grown plants to sit upon (we're running out of room in the main glasshouse!).

'Before' shot

We started off by scrounging some bits of wood off of maintance, which was just the job, except for all the bird crap on it which I began to rub off with a wire brush. Nature Note: While doing this I spotted two herons in flight circling and calling to each other, quite a sight. Anyway, the bird shit was not coming off easily so Flossy finally had to pressure wash it, as I had to toddle off to my staff funds commitee meeting thingie.

And a bloody good job she did at that. I came back from the meeting and unscrewed some old bits of wood off of the glasshouse and cut down a holm oak (Quercus ilex) seedling which had been bugging me ever since I started working here. Lunch swiftly followed, by which time we'd made good progress. We got back to work, with Floss & I measuring and sawing the slats of wood for the staging to the magic number: 199! We were three bits short in the end however, and even a trek to the New Holland shed to the woodstore could provide no alternative, much to Josh & Mickey's dismay. We made it in the end though, thanks to Smudge's quick thinking and are now very proud of our joint work effort!

Us very proud and smiling!

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