Wednesday, 4 February 2009

' Of Squirrel's and Men '

Today was cold, but sunny, a good day for digging. With that in mind, Ady, Graham, Lulubelle and me ( Mickey ) dug over the Allotment come Nursery area, all under the watchful eyes of two Robin's who leapt on every morsal we overturned.

Later i helped Simon who was using the New Holland tractor to move an old leaf heap, muddy and smelly work, but a good late winter job. On the way back to the tea hut, we stopped at the Porter's lodge to collect a delivery of tool's. Much anticipation ensued, as we unwrapped and revealed a sledge hammer and a bench vice, Smudge will have to be physically restrained when he see's these ( He's our resident Handyman and tool fiend ) The day drew to a close as usual in the tea hut ,with all of us changing out of our muddy boots, whilst discussing the relative merit's of stuffed Squirrel's ! It had been a very long day.

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