Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Swans Return With Three Cygnets

The Swans And Their Three Cygnets

The pair of swans and their four cygnets were last seen on the lake two months ago, see blog entry 30th May 2017 'A Bad Year For The College Waterfowl' and, fearing the worst, it was thought that the cygnets had been lost to predators and that the adults had flown off following their loss. On Tuesday, 25th July, that presumption was proved wrong when the pair were spotted on the lake with three cygnets. From the seven cygnets that hatched their family is just three, now two months old the cygnets still have their grey down feathers. However, their return was short lived, a quick one day visit, disappearing again, it is believed, through a gap in the canalside hedge and on to the Oxford Canal. It is hoped that it won't be too long before they are all seen again on the college lake and return permanently.

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