Monday, 31 July 2017

Seeds Germinate In Just Four Days

Friday 21st July Already Germinating After Just 4 Days

10 Trays All Germinated

It's only been two weeks since the seeds were sown, see blog entry of the 18th July 'Seeds Sown For Winter/Spring 2017-2018' and they have all germinated. The wallflowers and stocks germinated the quickest, taking just four days before the first pairs of seed leaves were seen pushing up through the compost.

Ready To Be Pricked Out

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour',

Working through one tray at a time the strongest of the seedlings were gently eased out of the soil using a dibber, in this case the end of the plant label, and, holding a seed leaf, lifted free as it was pushed up from below.

Pricking Out

Choosing The Strongest Seedlings

Individual pots were filled with compost and a small hole made on the surface with a finger. The seedlings were carefully lowered in to the hole in their new pot and the soil firmed around its neck, just below the seed leaves. The pots were transferred from the large greenhouse to the smaller, cooler greenhouse and placed out in rows before being watered in. The remaining five trays will be pricked out as soon as they are large enough to transplant. 

5 Trays Pricked Out, 5 To Go

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