Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Grass Seed Mixes

9th November 2016 Laurel (Far Left), Cable Channel (Far Right)

Many visitors to the college gardens take the time to stop and congratulate the team on the quality of the grass especially the quad lawn, the banks and the strip in front of the herbaceous border. As well as the many compliments a recurring question is what grass seed is used to create and maintain these wonderful lawns? The answer to that question is two different mixes of seed from Sherriff Amenity's MM Range. The seed used depends on the type of lawn required ie a fine lawn such as the quad requires a mix called MM10, or a resiliant, superior mix for lawns such as on the banks and herbaceous strip require the mix called MM50. (Click on the above link for more information regarding the contents of these seed mixes and the percentage break down of Browntop Bent, Slender Creeping Red Fescue, Chewings Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass). 

23rd November 2016

In November of last year a section on the banks had to be removed to make way for the laying of new cables. In February, once the cable laying had been completed, the channel that had been created was filled back in and the seed mix MM50 sown on the newly prepared area. Within one month, thanks to the warm spring providing perfect conditions for germination, the seed had germinated.

13th February 2017
MM50 Seed Mix On The Banks

9th March 2017 MM50 Germinated

In the mean time, whilst the seed was germinating, another area of the banks was being renovated. In December last year the large laurel were removed from the far end of the banks. In February of this year the area was then levelled in preparation for seeding but not before a new metal edge and stone edge were added to retain the soil and match the edging on rest of the banks. Once all the edging work had been completed the seed was broadcast across the area, MM50 again, and within a month, the seed had germinated and a green hue began to slowly cover the soil. By the end of April the new grass was being mown.

9th February 2017 Levelled In Preparation For Seeding
9th March 2017 A New Stone Edge

9th March 2017 Ready For Seeding

24th March 2017 Grass On The Channel

27th June 2017 Grass Where The Laurel Once Stood

The Quad And The Banks

As can be seen from the photograph above the two areas of repair that were soil just 4-5 months ago are now green and the new grass is barely noticeable from the rest of the banks.

5th July 2017 Herbaceous Strip

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