Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Seeds Sown For Winter/Spring 2017-2018

Preparing For Seed Sowing

Three weeks ago the team planted out the last of the plants for this year's summer display, see blog entry 27th June 2017 'Planted In Triplicate', but today they turned their attention to the winter/spring display for 2017-2018! Peter and Ali spent a few hours in the greenhouse sowing the seeds that will help create this forthcoming display. (Notice the new uniform, the team are now wearing green 'Gardens & Grounds' polo shirts).

Filling Half Seed Trays

They began by over filling 10 half trays with seed compost, removing the excess using the side of a firming board, placing it on to the sides of the tray and gently moving it across the soil from one end to the other.

Removing The Excess Compost

Levelling The Compost

The firming board was then gently pressed down on the compost to create a level surface for sowing the seeds. Before sowing the full trays were watered to moisten the soil using a watering can with a fine rose.

10 Trays Watered

Ready For Sowing

Seeds Sown On The Compost

The chosen seeds are: Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour', Wallflower 'Sunset Orange', Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze', Dianthus 'Bouquet Rose Magic', Stock 'Vintage Mix', Calceolaria 'Dainty Mix', Digitalis 'Dalmation Mix', Cineraria hybrida 'Jester Mixed', Primula Polyanthus 'Stella Banana Cream' and Primula Acaulis Primlet 'Lemon Shade'.

Working one packet at a time to prevent the mixing up of the seeds, especially the wallflowers, the packet was opened and a sufficient amount of seed was carefully tipped out in to the palm of their hand. The hand was then moved across the filled tray, gently tapping it to drop the contents on to the soil, evenly distributing them on to the surface of the soil.

Sieving Compost

A small amount of compost was then sieved over the seeds to lightly cover them and, once all the seeds had been sown in their trays, they were given another gentle watering. Placed in the smaller, old glasshouse it is now just a case of waiting to see if they all germinate.

Watered In

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