Monday, 25 July 2016

Swan Rescue

"One of the swans isn't moving, I think it might be dead!", not the words Ali wanted to hear this morning. One of the swans had been spotted in amongst the reeds very still, dirty, thin and lifeless. Upon approaching the swan, gently touching it with a long stick, it did open its eyes but was obviously in trouble. Observing it for a while, it was noted that it was only swimming in continuous small circles after which becoming very unstable before, exhausted, laying its head on its back. With Ady, Danny and Graham watching on, all agreeing that there was a problem, maybe one of its feet caught up in something causing the circular movement, Ali put on the PVC bootfoot chest waders and carefully got in to the shallow lake edge to check underneath the swan. The swan made no movement or aggression towards Ali and there was nothing tangled beneath it so, in full agreement again, a call was made to the RSPCA who also agreed there was a problem and would come and collect it. An RSPCA inspector arrived at 13:30pm and by 14:00pm had managed to capture the swan, hooking it off the lake and placing it in a secure bag before transporting it to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital for assessment.   

Calls made during the week but as of Friday 29th July no information available until next week. This blog entry will be updated as soon as information is available.

Call made to Tiggywinkles on Friday 12th August. Swan was assessed by the vet and a problem with its wing diagnosed. The swan has been treated for this problem and is recovering although not sufficiently to be returned to the college lake just yet. It will be monitored over the next two weeks when it is hoped it will have recovered and be strong enough to be returned to the college and its mate who is waiting.  

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