Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Visit To Ball Colegrave's Summer Showcase 2016

Trial Beds

Invited to the Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase 2016, Ali, Graham, Kieron and Callum, representing the gardening team, went to see the colourful spectacle. Visiting the trial grounds at West Adderbury the team were hoping to find inspiration for next year's college displays amongst the annual and perennial trial and display beds, and the basket and container displays.

 Trial Beds

The 8 acre site was planted out with over 50,000 annual and perennials in beds, baskets and containers, a colour overload at times but there were plenty of ideas for next summer. Inspiration found, they returned with the lists of plants that they had liked the most and photos of the displays. 

Trends Container Display

Verti Garden

Containers and Baskets


Bridal Container Display

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