Thursday, 7 July 2016

Columns, Curves, A Cushion and A Caterpillar


Over the last two weeks, apart from mowing, weeding and dead heading, the team have been focusing their attention on cutting the many hedges inside and outside the grounds. Having cut two of the hedges outside the college, a privet and a lonicera located at two of the college properties, the first of the hedging inside the grounds, the 20 yew columns in the Provost's garden, were cut.

With the columns complete, the next to be cut were the curved hedges of yew, also in the Provost's garden.

Having finished in the Provost's garden last week, this week the team moved the hedge cutters in to the car park area to cut four more hedges.The first, a laurel hedge, a different shape to cut, this time a complete curve to create a cushion shape.


Columns, curves, a cushion and next a caterpillar! The latter shape was first seen in the gardens last year, see blog entry 28th September 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar Privet Hedge'.

Giant Yew Hedge

The fourth, and last hedge in the car park area, was the giant yew hedge. To reach the top of the high sides the long arm hedge cutter had to be used, three of the team worked on this one yesterday. The two longest hedges are still to be cut, a task for the coming weeks.  

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