Friday, 15 July 2016

Eleven Half Trays and Six Shallow Pots

Seed Sowing Kit

It has only been a matter of weeks since the last of the plants were planted out in the gardens for the summer display but, before they can be enjoyed, the gardeners are already starting to think about the display for the coming winter and next spring. The tulips, plug plants and seeds were ordered last week, the seeds arrived in a matter of days and are now ready for sowing.

Filling The Trays

With the seed sowing kit ready, Ali and Callum spent a few hours in the greenhouse this morning sowing the chosen seeds; Cineraria hybrida 'Jester Mixed', Matthiola incana 'Pillow Talk' (Stocks), Dianthus barbatus 'Bouquet Rose Magic', Wallflower 'Sunset Primrose', 'Sunset Orange' and 'Sunset Bronze', Digitalis purpurea 'alba' and 'Dalmation Mixed' (Foxgloves),  Schizanthus x wisetonensis 'Dr Badger's Mix and 'Angel's Wings Mix' (Butterfly Flower), Hesperis matronalis 'Purple Violet' and 'White', Lupinus polyphyllus 'Noble Maiden' (Lupin), Primula polyanthus 'Stella Neon Violet', Calceolaria 'Dainty Mixed' (Slipper Flower), Primula candelabra 'Spectaculat Tiers Mix' and Primula acaulis 'Primlet Lemon Shades'.

Levelling The Compost

Eleven half trays and six shallow pots were filled with seed compost, the excess levelled off before being gently firmed to create a smooth, flat surface perfect for sowing seeds.

Gently Firming

A Handful of Seeds

Dealing with one packet at a time, a few seeds were tipped in to the palm and, moving the hand slowly over the filled tray, was gently tapped to make them fall off uniformly over the compost.

Sown Seed


The seeds were covered over by a thin layer of compost which was sieved over them. Each tray was then clearly labelled with the name of the seed and the today's date, then watered    

Labelled and Watered

Placed in the cooler small greenhouse, the seeds should start germinating over the coming weeks.   

Eleven Half Trays and Six Shallow Pots

Update 18th June:
The three trays of wallflowers have all germinated over the weekend.

Wallflowers Have Germinated

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