Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Venetian Dahlia Collection By Sarah Raven

Sarah Raven's Venetian Dahlia Collection

When choosing the plants for this year's summer 'Corner Border' display, see blog entry 1st September 2015 'A Bright And Cheerful Border In The Corner' for last years, a great deal of thought goes in to what the team could do differently. Questions asked, which plants worked well and which ones did not? Which plants could be added to enhance and improve the display? Having answered the questions some plants will be used again and others will not, as well as introducing some new ones, such is the case this year with the introduction of Dahlia to the display. 

2 Tubers Dahlia 'Thomas A Edison

The Dahlia chosen for the border is the Venetian Dahlia Collection by Sarah Raven. The collection consists of 16 tubers, 2 tubers of 8 different Dahlia varieties, 'Jescot Julie', 'Sam Hopkins', 'Jowey Mirella', 'Ambition', 'New Baby', 'Con Amore', 'Thomas A Edison' and 'Downham Royal'. The colours are a mix of purple, plum, orange, crimson-red, velvet-red and magenta. The flower heads will be a mixture too, Decorative, Ball, Semi-Cactus, Orchid-Flowered and Single Flowered.

Tubers Potted Up In 2 Litre Pots

Each tuber was potted up in compost in to 2 litre pots and will remain in the greenhouse until they are planted in the border once all risks have frosts have gone. Only time will tell, when in late September to October the team will look at the display and will be asking themselves, "Did the Dahlia work well in the border?"

Potted Up Dahlia

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