Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Seed Sowing 2016

Chiltern Seeds, Sarah Raven and Thompson & Morgan

The flower pots and labels have been cleaned so it must be time to start sowing the seeds for the plants that will be used in this years flower displays. Chosen from three suppliers 'Chiltern Seeds', 'Sarah Raven' and 'Thompson & Morgan' old favourites such as Antirrhinum, Cleome, Zinnia and Rudbeckia were sown along with new choices, Trachelium and Nigella. Small, shallow flower pots were filled with compost, levelled, gently firmed, using an empty flower pot of the same size, and then watered. The large seeds, such as Zinnia, were gently pushed in to the surface of the compost and the small seeds, such as Antirrhinum, were scattered over the top of it. Compost was then sieved over the seeds, the pots contents labelled, lightly watered again and placed in the mist unit under glass.

A Full Mist Unit

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