Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Leaf Spot, Melting Out and Horticultural Fleece

 Leaf Spot 'Melting Out'

Horticultural fleece has not been seen on the in the quad since the banks were reseeded eighteen months ago, see blog entry for the 15th September 2014 'Grass Seed and Horticultural Fleece'. The reason for its reappearance is due to an attack of the fungal disease 'Leaf Spot' on sections of the banks which have created large, unsightly bare patches in the grass.
The fungal disease 'Leaf Spot' was first noticed at the end of last summer with small lesions on some of the blades of grass. As the disease progressed more and more of the grass was affected, the infection moves down the sheath causing the grass to die and turn brown. In the advanced stage of the disease large areas of grass become infected and died, this is known as 'melting out'. Fungicides were used to stop the spread and now it is time to repair the bare areas.

Over Seeding (Small Bank)

Joss spent the day working on the banks to repair the damage. The patches of bare earth were covered in a soil based compost then a Preseed fertiliser and Ryegrass grass seed were scattered over the soil.

Over Seeding (Large Bank)

Fleece (Small Bank)

A layer of horticultural fleece was rolled out over the areas of repair and clipped in place. With the temperates due to rise over the next week, the fleece should create the perfect conditions for the grass seed to germinate.

Over Seeding (Large Bank)

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