Friday, 11 March 2016

Tanalised Easy Edge Timber and Ilex Aquafolium 'Alaska'

The Project Begins

A very shabby area of grass that borders two sides of the Besse Building received welcome attention this week. The project, to remove the grass and replace it with a wooden edged border planted up with evergreen shrubs. The area was measured, the longest side 14 metres and the shortest side at 9 metres, the depth would be 1.4 metres and .70 metres respectively. To create the new border a frame of tanalised Easy-edge timber, machined to a smooth surface with a beveled edge, would be needed so several lengths were purchased last week, 200mm x 47mm for the back of the frame and 100mm x 47mm for the front. 

Removing The Turf

A string guide line was used to make sure the timber frame was straight and a spirit level to check the levels, each piece of wood screwed in place to small wooden stakes. As the frame was constructed the grass was removed, the soil turned over and forked through. 

Checking And Checking Again

Waiting For The Leaf Mould

Placing Out The Holly

Before the evergreen shrubs were planted leaf mould was added to raise the level of the soil within the new border and to improve the soils structure.

Planting The Holly

The evergreen shrub that was chosen to fill the border is, Ilex aquafolium 'Alaska', a prickly Holly with glossy green foliage, white flowers in the summer and numerous bright red berries in the winter. 

The New Besse Building Border
A week in construction the new Beese Building border is complete, all that remains is the repairation of the path that surrounds it but that will have to wait a few weeks until the hoggin is delivered.

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