Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Return Of The Winter Colour On The Salix 'Yelverton'

22nd April 2015

Last spring the four Salix alba 'Yelverton' were heavily pruned in the hope that this winter the colour of the stems would be a rich bronze-red rather than the rather disappointing yellow-green seen in the previous year, see blog entry 13th March 2015 'Pruning The Salix Yelverton For The Return Of Winter Colour'.

30th October 2015

The four Salix began to show signs of life in April when the buds started to burst, a relief to the team that the very hard prune had not killed the trees! The new buds continued to grow to form multiple long stems but it was not until the leaves had fallen in the autumn that the result of the pruning was seen, a success and the return of the warm, rich colours that brighten up the coldest of days. 

Winter Colour January 2016

Warm, Rich Bronze-Red Colours Return

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