Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Removing The Large Laurel

Four Large Laurel

On Monday the team started a new project today that will continue over the coming weeks. The aim is to remove the large laurel that grow between the sports field and the footpath to the Canal Building. These large shrubs block out any natural light that would ordinarily reach the path so need to be removed. 

Laurel (Before)

The Dark Path (Before)

Chainsaws and very sharp arborist hand saws were used to cut the laurel's thick branches until all that remained were the stumps that will be ground out at a later date.   


All the cut down material was put through the chipper and the resultant wood chippings spread over the soil as a mulch. By the end of the first day two of the laurel had been cut down and the difference could already be seen to the amount of light now reaching the footpath.

(After) First Two Laurel Removed
Today the ivy ground cover was dug out and the soil levelled to create a surface ready for grass seed.

The Dark Path (After) Two Laurel Removed

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