Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hitting The Ground Running With Some Hard Landscaping

Chain Link Drag Harrow

Welcome back to Worcester College Gardener's Blog and a Happy New Year to you all.
The team returned to work yesterday but today, on only their second day back at work, they hit the ground running! 10 tonnes of hoggin, as dug ballast, was delivered first thing this morning for the first hard landscaping project of 2016. The project, to resurface half of the path in the quad, one side and one end, the first half was resurfaced last year, see blog entry 1st April 2015 'Renovating The Path In The Quad'

Dragging The Harrow

Unlike last year a chain link drag harrow was used to break up the old surface instead of using forks. Attached to the small ride-on mower, grass box removed, the harrow was dragged along the surface, its sharp spikes digging in to the compacted surface weighed down by four 25kg bags of John Innes compost. Forks were only used to break up the edges the harrow couldn't reach.

The Broken Path

Sharp Spikes

Loading The Wheelbarrows

Over the course of the morning the hoggin was transported to the quad, tipped on to the old path in front of the cottages and raked to create a slight camber. 

Unloading And Raking

Raking To Form A Slight Camber

Using The Wacker Plate

In the afternoon a wacker plate was used to compact the new surface, Simon and Kieron manoeuvring the vibrating plate over the hoggin along the entire length and breadth of the path four times, a very slow process! Tomorrow a further 10 tonnes will be delivered to continue the project when today's sequence of events will be repeated and the far end of the path will be resurfaced.

New Path

The New Far End Path

The project has been completed today with the resurfacing of the path at the far end of the quad.

The Completed Project

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