Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Laurel Clearance Continues

The task to clear the laurel from the side of the sports field continued today with the removal of the next two laurel further along the path.

The Next Two Laurel Further Along The Path

The Chainsaw, sharpened, and aroborist saws were again used to cut through the thick laurel branches. The wood too thick to go through the chipper was cut up in to logs and placed in the wood store to be dried out before it gets used in the college fireplaces. 

Once the cutting down, logging and chipping had been finished the ground clearance began. The New Holland tractor with the grab attachment was used to scrape the ivy out of the ground and loosen the soil. The soil was then forked through to remove the ivy and weeds and landscapes rakes used to level the surface. The team will return next week to continue the project.

A similar project of removing overgrown shrubs and ground clearance was undertaken at the very end of the footpath in 2012, see blog entries 26th September 'Behind The Tennis Courts' and 2nd November 'Two New Areas Of Grass'.

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