Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Cuttings Have Rooted And Ready For Separation

Most of the cuttings taken last month from all the tender plants in the college gardens, for next year's displays, have rooted. Removed from the mist unit last week, they have had time to acclimatise to the greenhouse environment and are ready for separation in to their individual pots

Tapping Out

Gently tapped out of their pots, the cuttings roots are carefully prised apart to separate them in to individual plants.

Prised Apart

Potting Up
The new young plants are placed in to small pots containing compost, a 50/50 mix of multipurpose compost and John Innes compost, gently firming them in.

Placed on the greenhouse staging they are watered in. These plants will eventually be planted out in the gardens next June creating the displays for summer 2016.

Cuttings In Their Individual Pots

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