Wednesday, 14 October 2015

600 Tulips, 500 Allium And 100 Camassia

An area at the bottom of the Provost's garden has been prepared for the creation of a wildflower meadow with bulbs. Today the planting of the 1200 bulbs took place consisting of 600 Tulips, 500 Allium and 100 Camassia. 

The Tulips are made up of six varieties, Sun Lover, Atilla, Menton, Jan Reus, Irene Parrot and National Velvet. The Allium are 'Purple Sensation' and the Camassia are 'Caerulea'.

First the Camassia were planted then all the Tulips and Allium were put in a large trug ready for mixing. 

To mix them well they were poured several times from the trug in to the wheel barrow and back again.

Once the mixing was complete the bulbs were put back in to bags ready for planting.

Working together half of the team dug the holes whilst the other half planted the bulbs in to the holes in singles or groups of two and three. The next bulb to be planted will be 100 Fritillaria meleagris, the snake's head fritillary followed by the planting of the wildflower plug plants due to arrive in the next two to three weeks. 

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