Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Picking The Apples And Pears For Juicing

The Young Trees

It's apple and pear picking time in the college orchard. Many of the apple trees are laden with fruit although the pear trees are quite sparse.

Apple, Variety 'Orleans Reinette'

The young trees have benefited from the removal of some of the fruitlets that took place in early July, see blog entry 6th July 'Fruit Thinning', which has resulted in many good sized apples.

Working together, armed with bags and with plenty of trays to fill, Ady, Kieron, Graham, Callum and Danny started to pick the fruit.




The Fruit Picking Team
By the end of the day 19 trays had been filled ready to be taken to Waterperry to be pressed. The picking will continue over the next few days.

As well as picking fruit to be pressed for juice, the team have also been supplying the chefs with apples for formal dinners, apple crumble a particular favourite with the cooking apples 'Golden Spire' and 'Bramley'.  

Formal Dinner Menu

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