Thursday, 8 October 2015

More Support Wires For Climbers

New Wires

Two weeks ago the team took advantage of the scaffolding up against the back of the old cottages to prune the Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'. Rather than standing at the top of a ladder they used the security of the scaffolding to gain safe access to the rose, see blog entry 24th September 'Making Use Of The Scaffolding'. Today they returned to the platform, this time to add new wires for the many climbers that adorn the walls.

Wiring Kit

Working from the secure platforms, the complete re-wire kit could be taken up on to the scaffold boards making the task a lot easier than on previous occasions, see blog entry 11th January 2012 'Extra Wires For Climbers'. The use of the scaffolding eliminates the need to walk up and down the ladders fetching and carrying one piece of equipment at a time, the awkward balancing of the spirit level and the moving of the ladders along the wall to thread the wire through the vine eyes. With the scaffolding staying in place for the next three weeks more support wires will be added to the walls.    

The Climbers Using The New Wires

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