Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Triple Width Diagonal Lawn Pattern

The wavy stripes mowing pattern seen in April on the the quad lawn didn't last long, see blog entry for the 17th 'Creating A New Pattern On The Quad Lawn'. The replacement triple width diagonal stripes have now embedded themselves on the turf and the waves have disappeared from view.

Today Joss set about adding a further set of triple width diagonal stripes across the existing pattern. Using a guide line he mowed along it to create the first straight stripe, working off these first stripes to create the others. It is not the cylinder cutting deck that creates the stripes but the forward motion of the roller that cause the blades of grass to bend in that direction resulting in a stripe. For these wide stripes the mower is pushed in the same direction three times.

 The quad now has its new pattern for summer 2015 'triple width diagonal'.

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