Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Swan Is Still Incubating And The Goslings Are Growing Up Fast

The pen had laid three eggs by the 17th April but had lost one by the 21st but today three eggs were spotted beneath her again. When the third egg was laid is unknown exactly but she has been seen on the nest incubating for a number of weeks now, let's hope she is successful this year.

4 Weeks Old

The two Canada Geese goslings are 4 weeks old now and are growing up fast. Wing feathers can now be seen on the wings and small black tail feathers have begun to emerge on the tail. Over the next week the flight feathers will grow and by 4th/5th July they should be able to fly, fully fledged by the 11th/12th unrecognisable from their parents.

4 Weeks Old

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