Friday, 5 June 2015

Sweet Pea 'Midnight', 'Wiltshire Ripple' and 'Jilly'

This year's Sweet Pea, Lathyrus odoratus, have been hardening off in the cold frames for some time waiting for the gardeners to plant them. A good size now, Simon and Danny erected the canes to create a frame in the cut flower bed, covered with pea netting before planting the young plants, carefully tying in the longest shoots. In preparation of their planting, Callum had dug a deep trench and filled it full of organic matter from the compost heap to feed these hungry plants. The variety chosen is 'Mulberry Mixed' from Chiltern Seeds which include 'Midnight', 'Wiltshire Ripple' and 'Jilly'. a mixture of dark purple and white flowers.


  1. Do you have any photos of the sweet peas in bloom?

    1. Hi Dorothy. Sorry we don't have a photograph but here is a link to Chiltern Seeds where we bought the seeds containing a good photo of the blooms, it should work if you copy and paste it to a search engine such as Google:
      Best Regards