Thursday, 4 June 2015

First Recorded Visit Of A Reed Warbler To the College

The Reed Beds Where The Reed Warbler Was Heard

Reed Warbler (photo taken by Ali at RSPB Ottmor, Oxfordshire)

When feeding the ducks before work started this morning Ali heard a rare sound from the reeds across the way. Upon further investigation the sound was identified although not seen, the sound was of a Reed Warbler. Never heard before at Worcester College, the bird remained in amongst the reeds, singing all day, well hidden from her camera so only a 30 second piece of film was recorded with the warbler's song heard in the background (along with a Blackbird and human voices.) A small brown bird that is a summer visitor to the UK, confirmation of the song can be found at
PS This bird remained in the reeds for one day, hasn't been heard since.

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