Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Willow Weaving A Goose Proof Fence, A Flower, Fish, Dragonfly and An Igloo

The six Scarlet Willow, Salix alba 'Chermesina', planted by the lake in April 2012, see blog entry 17th April 'The Stump Border', are pruned at this time of this year to encourage new yellow-red stems for display next winter, but what to do with the huge amount of willow prunings?

Pruned hard back the willow produces an annual growth of stems of up to 10 foot tall, so for the first time the prunings have been used to create the goose proof fence (usually made with wooden stakes and wire, see blog entry 18th March 2014 'Canada Goose Proof Fence').


To start, some of the long willow prunings, rods, were bent over and their ends pushed into the soil. (It is hoped the ends will not root in to the soil too deeply as the fence will need to be removed when the marginal planting is cut down next January). Simon, Kieron and Ali then continued weaving more willow onto this framework to create a goose proof fence to stop the geese from wandering in to the Provost's garden. Once finished a flower, fish and a dragonfly had also been created, even an igloo play den in the garden!

Weaving The Dragonfly



Goose Proof Fence

Igloo (Play Den)
Whilst creating the fence to keep the geese out the swans decided to show Kieron and Ali the defects and weaknesses in the early stages of the design. The following series of photographs show their encounter with the swans who broke through the fence and, somehow, gave them tips on how to improve and strengthen the design!

Try again Kieron, you need to make it bigger and stronger!


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    1. Thank you, pleased you enjoyed the post. We enjoyed weaving the willow creating the fence and igloo, the encounter with the swans was a wonderful bonus. Best regards Ali