Thursday, 26 March 2015

Moving Out, Hardening Off And Potting On

A Full Greenhouse
Space is at a premium in the greenhouse, the seeds have germinated and need to be pricked out but the cuttings are taking up the all the room on the benches.

Peach House

To make room the cuttings that were taken in September, potted up in October and potted on in February, are moved out of the heated greenhouse and in to the colder peach house. Acclimatising these plants to the harsher outdoor conditions is a process called 'hardening off', they will have to ready by the beginning of June when they will be planted outside as part of this year's summer display.  

Space On The Bench Waiting To Be Filled
Now that space in the greenhouse has been made the second lot of cuttings, the more tender plants, are potted on in to bigger individual pots and moved along the bench to where their predecessors one sat.

Potting On

The Space Filled

Sufficient room has now been created on the bench for the seedlings, but this won't be empty for long as the pricking out starts next week.

Ready For The Seedlings

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