Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pruning The Fig (Ficus carica)


The Fig, Ficus carica, has not had a hard prune since 'The Return Of Bodge It and Scarper', (Mick and Ali), see blog entry 31st March 2009. Having been lightly pruned over the last 6 years it has now got too large and is in need of some renovation. The fig has been trying to escape from the corner, over hanging its boundary and creating shade on the surrounding grass, not too mention, making it difficult to reach the fruit. Ali was given the task of pruning it, cutting the largest, oldest branches back to a few inches, reducing the height for easy picking, removing branches to improve the shape as well as removing the 'Three D's', dead, diseased and damaged wood. The fig is now away from the boundary of its gravelled corner with plenty of room to grow over the next few years.


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