Thursday, 19 March 2015

Demonstration By Nomix Enviro

Chris Vernon, Area Manager from 'Nomix Enviro' visited the college this morning to give the team a demonstration of their Hand-held Total Droplet Control (TDC) applicators. Currently using Cooper Peglar 15 litre knapsack sprayers to apply herbicides these have become cumbersome and very heavy when spraying large areas,over long periods of time. The Nomix Frontline Compact and Frontline Classic are both lightweight, carrying a load of 750ml and 5 litres respectively. The applicators use the Nomix herbicides that do not require any mixing with water, just herbicide packs that connect directly to them eliminating any risk to the operator from mixing chemicals and protecting the environment by avoiding spillages. 

The Nomix TDC is a low volume, targeted herbicide application system that delivers a constant, uniform droplet size and spray pattern of oil-emulsion formulations that stick to the leaf, significantly reducing the risk of run off and virtually eliminating spray drift. Lots of information for the team to think about, thank you Chris for coming in to see us.

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