Thursday, 21 February 2013

Turf Stripping and Wood Chippings

Returning to the new chicken area created yesterday, the team start the day by stripping off the very mossy turf.

Using edging irons to cut the turf into squares and turfing irons to remove it they methodically work their way along.

The removed turf is placed grass side down, soil side up, on the area that will be covered in wood chippings, using it to create a level surface, filling up any dips and hollows.

In the afternoon, joined by Callum and Kieron who have finished the stone edge, five trailer loads of wood chippings are dumped and levelled on the area. (The wood chipping are from all the wood that has been chipped over the last few years, mentioned many times on the blog and now finally being used in the gardens.) Tomorrow a few more trailer loads will be added to the area and the remaining turf stripped.

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