Friday, 15 February 2013

Kingfishers and A Goosander

Kingfisher (female)

Since December 2009, see blog entry 'A Fox And A Kingfisher', Ali has been hoping to capture images of the Kingfishers that visit the lake and today she succeeded. Concealing herself in the lakeside border to photograph the female Goosander, see below, she heard the call of the Kingfisher followed by three, yes three, Kingfishers flying past and landing on the overhanging branches on the other side of the lake. At last, a chance to capture these beautiful birds on camera.
The female Goosander has been on the lake since the 28th January, arriving in a small group but has since been left behind. A second group of six Goosander arrived on the 11th February, three male and three female, but again she has been left behind. (For previous arrival dates of the Goosander see blog entry dated 18th February 2012 'Goosanders Are Back 2012').

Goosander (female)

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