Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Path Restoration

During the recent periods of heavy rain, snow and flooding the path in front of the tool sheds, that leads to the Broadwalk, has become increasing muddy and is in need of restoration. Yesterday morning Ady, using the grab attachment on the New Holland tractor, broke up the path's surface before the delivery of 10 tonnes of hoggin.

Over the day several trailer loads of hoggin were tipped onto the path and raked to form a slight camber, a raised centre which sheds water to each side. Once all 10 tonnes had been raked onto the path the wacker plate was used to compact the hoggin.

Today a further 10 tonnes of hoggin was delivered and the process repeated. On the section of the path that was particularly low, rubble was used to build the paths camber and compacted with the wacker plate before the hoggin was added.

By the end of this, our second day, 20 tonnes of hoggin had been used to restore two sections of the path, but the third section around, the area where an old diseased tree had recently been removed, see blog entry 20th February 2013 'Where a Tree Once Stood', still needed to be completed. The team will have to wait till Thursday to complete the task when a further 6 tonnes of hoggin is due to be delivered.

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