Friday, 8 February 2013

An Unexpected Day


The day started with Simon walking past the lake on his way to the machinery sheds. As he walked past he noticed that the water level in the lake was low, so opened up the sluice gate that connects the canal with the lake to top it up. Noticing that the flow of water was very slow he decided to investigate. As can be seen by the following set of photographs, it wasn't a small problem!

Rodding was unsuccessful, so the channel that runs from the canal sluice gate to the lake had to be unearthed. The discovery, and the reason for the poor water flow, tree roots, and lots of them.

The roots had been growing through the channel for years and now needed to be removed, the deseased tree they belonged to has recently been removed. 

Once all the roots had been removed the channel was again covered with the slabs, a new membrane and the old hoggin.

By the end of an unexpected day all that could be seen of the team's endevours was a raked path, a few bollards and tape.

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