Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Footprints and Snow Angels In The Snow


When snow falls and settles, as it did over the last few days, there is an urge to run, slide and make snow angels in the wonderful, thick, white blanket. However, there are two areas that are out of bounds, with or without snow on them, the quad lawn and the banks. Unfortunately the temptation was too hard to resist, as can be seen in the photograph above.
What damage can be done when walking on snow covered grass? Walking on grass covered in snow compacts the snow creating a small insulating layer beneath every footprint, or in this case, half a dozen, large areas of snow angels. These compacted areas stay colder as the soil begins to warm up and start to defrost. The increased time under snow and ice could allow snow mold, a fungus, to develop. Walking on frozen grass also causes the blades of grass to break, all this damage will increase the time Joss will have to spend on the grass to repair it, and spraying it with chemicals, in order to have the stunning lawn that is seen in the summer, as the signs say  'Keep Off The Grass'.

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