Thursday, 3 January 2013

Campsis radicans

Campsis radicans is a vigorous, self clinging, woody, deciduous climber which produces clusters of red trumpet shaped flowers on the current years growth in late summer to early autumn. Pruned by the team at this time of year, along with all the climbing roses and wisteria, last years growth is cut back to a pair of buds. However, the Campsis above the door to the Provost's garden, located in the right hand corner of the front quad, has had a radical prune by Ali, (hence her nick name, Radical Ali). Last year Simon did a test prune on one of the old branches and, as it responded well to this test, it was decided that the remainder of the climber could also be pruned in this manner. (The reason for this, some might say drastic pruning, is that it had got too tall and beyond the safe reach of the ladders when working over the spiked railings.) Under Simon's instruction, Ali radically pruned the Campsis.

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