Friday, 25 January 2013

A Busy, Cold, Week

The college is covered in snow, thawing very slowly due to the low temperatures both during the day and night, what can the gardeners do? The priority is, of course, to keep all the paths clear, so the main daily task is to scatter rock salt before beginning other jobs. But what then? By Thursday Graham, Ady and Callum had cleaned and tidied all four tool/machinery sheds, as well as the pump house and storage shed. The pots and seed trays, to be used for seed sowing in February, were all washed in hot, soapy water by Crystal.

The old truck that was rescued from the skip, now with two new wheels, had four new sides made by Kieron, ready for Ali to use to transport plants around the college. Joss, usually found working on the grass, spend the week with a paint brush in his hand painting the new potting shed before moving on to Simon's office and the tea shed with Ady and Callum.

Snow is also a great time to catch up on paper work, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, seed ordering for this summers display, tool ordering, first aid box checking, ladder inspections, and painting tools so they are stored in the correct tool shed. Hopefully the snow will go over the weekend so the team can go outside and be gardeners again!

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