Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lawn Maintenance

September is not only busy for plant propogation and the beginning of leaf fall, but also for Josh and his lawns. As the grass growth rate slows down, now is a good time to start restoring them after all the summer mowing. With the height of the cut raised and the frequency of mowing reduced, Josh has started to scarify, top dress and add grass seed to the lawns.

Scarifying can be done with a lawn rake with spring tines or by a powered scarifier. It removes the layer of dead grass and lawn clippings that have built up during the summer mowing regime, allowing water and nutrients to, once again, reach the grass roots.
After collecting all the raked up grass, a dressing of soil is added to the area and levelled.
Finally, Josh, with Grahams help, scatters seed onto the soil, using a board to prevent the seed falling in to the hebaceous border. Once the seed has been sown, it is lightly raked into the soil and watered in. A light green haze should be seen within the next two weeks as the grass seed germinates.

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