Monday, 14 September 2009

Chris from Waterperry

Back in February we benefited from
a training session on fruit tree
prunning by Chris from Waterperry
. Today, seven months later,
he returned to give his verdict on how well
we had prunned our trees following his instruction.
"Very well done" was the verdict.
The other reason for his visit was to help identify
the many unknown varieties that reside in our orchard.
Varieties identified include, cooking apples, Lanes Prince Albert and Grenadier, eating apples, Ellisons Orange, Beauty of Bath and Egremont Russet.
Chris advised us to prune the plum and greengage trees now, so this will be done by the end of the week.
Lanes Prince Albert has an interesting origin. It takes its name from the event of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert changing their coach horses near Berkhampstead at the time the first young tree was being planted there by Mr John Lane.

Donald and Daffy are still on the island and do not seem to want to go in the lake, so Lucy and Graham, watched by Donald, set about making a ramp to aid them.
So far, they still want to remain dry, but the other ducks love their new drawbridge.

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