Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Donald and Daffy

As promised, here are the first pictures of our new ducks, Donald and Daffy. They have been with us for two weeks now and are settling into their new home well. Both are male, drake, Muscovy Ducks.
Muscovys are the only domestic duck that is not derived from mallard stock. Their feet are equipped with strong sharp claws for grabbing tree branches and roosting. They do not swim as much as other ducks as their oil glands are under developed, resulting in their tails and wings fraying easier. They are gentle birds, the drakes don't quack, just produce a low hiss.
One of their only drawbacks is they fly well and are good escape artists!
Quote from a web site"The supreme bird with character, males wag their tales and raise crests when talked to. All have a sick sense of humour, a breed worth the time as VERY individual. The nicest character of any of the breeds with a pronounced sense of humour, very intelligent and head of any escape committee!" Should fit in perfectly at Worcester College, Welcome Donald and Daffy.

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