Tuesday, 22 September 2009


September is a busy time in the greenhouse, not only to keep the seedlings well watered, but also to take the several hundred cuttings from the tender plants from around the college grounds. Armed with Tesco carrier bags, other retailers bags work just as well, and a pair of sharp secatuers, Lucy and Ali have been out in the grounds searching for any plant that will die in the frosts. With next years Summer display also in mind, numerous healthy young shoot tips and side shoots have been removed carefully from the plants to be used as cutting material.
Each shoot is approximately two/four inches long. The stem is cut below a leaf joint and the lower leaves are removed, then dipped in rooting powder and placed into an individual cell filled with compost. Once the tray is full, it is placed in the misting unit to give the new plant the best start. Once it starts to establish, it is removed from the mist where it will continue to grow until it is repotted into its own pot.

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