Friday, 1 September 2017

Meeting Mr Kingfisher

Perch (Light) And Pool

SNSC Glass Front Doors And Windows

A flash of bright blue, a Kingfisher flies off its waterside perch in front of the new Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre (SNSC), then a thud as it hits the huge glass front doors!

This happened in front of Ali who is now running towards the small bird that is now lying motionless on the floor. Picking it up carefully it starts to move and after a few minutes it sits up on her hand, clearly stunned and shaken from its high speed collision with the door, it sits recovering.

Sitting In Ali's Hand

After 10-15 minutes the Kingfisher flies off up in to the canopy of one of the recently planted River Birch where it remains for a short while.

Sitting In The River Birch

With a watering can Ali waters the display pot, the reason for being down by the SNSC and, as she walks away, sees the Kingfisher fly from the tree straight in to a window of the same building.

It Happened Again!

Running back to the building Ali picks up the Kingfisher again and, unbelievably, it starts to move, turning its head from side to side, it sits for a further 10 minutes, stunned and, quite possibly, in complete shock! Once the bird starts to move and flex its wings, Ali takes it back to the lake and releases it, it flies off. What an amazing experience that Ali will never forget, nice to meet you Mr. Kingfisher.

Mr Kingfisher (Male, all black beak)


  1. Large areas of glass are known to kill many birds. The reflection everyone thinks is wonderful just looks like more green areas for them. Please research ways of preventing otherwise the bird will be dead next time along with its friends.

  2. You can get bird-of-prey stickers to deter birds from flying into windows. As that is such a large area of glass maybe the RSPB could give you advice.