Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cloud Pruning Lavender

One of The Lavender Planters

Two and a half years ago young lavender plants were planted in to the Sainsbury building planters, see blog entry 11th February 2015 '3 Planters, 69 Lavender Plants and A Tonne Of Gravel'. These plants have matured very well in this time and today it is time for their annual prune/trim.

Cloud Pruned Lavender

Most of the hedges in the gardens are trimmed to a straight edge, apart from the many box balls, so the lavender has joined the balls with a soft curved edge and an attempt at cloud pruning. Using the lighter, battery powered hedge trimmer, the sharp blade is carefully moved through the lavender cutting off the faded flower stems. Once the stems have been cut and removed, a further, closer cut is made to create the cloud shapes. Each plant is trimmed to a slightly different width and height creating balls to resemble clouds.

View Of The New SNSC

Lavender Clouds Overlooking The Lake

View From Above The Clouds!

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