Thursday, 24 August 2017

Potting On Wallflower Plug Plants

Plug Plants In A Box

Five weeks ago seeds were being sown for plants that will be part of the coming winter's display, yesterday the plug plants that will join them arrived.

Three Trays Of Plug Plants

Three trays, 230 wallflowers plugs in each, need potting on in to individual pots, the varieties are:

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour' (1 tray)
Wallflower 'Sunset Bronze' (2 trays)

Pushing Out The Plugs

To prevent any mix up with the colours the trays were worked on one at a time. Using a small stick the plugs were gently pushed out of their cells and planted individually in to small pots of multipurpose compost. The pots were placed in to carry containers and, once the contents of the plug trays had all been potted up, were taken to the cold frames. The plants will remain in the frames until October when they will be planted out in to the college borders with the seed sown plants. 

Potting Up The Plug Plants

Ready To be Taken Out To The Cold Frames

Wallflower 'Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour'

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