Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Persicaria orientalis (Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate)

Persicaria orientalis

Hanging over the giant Tetrapanex papyrifera 'Rex' leaves the flowers of Persicaria orientalis add a touch of the flamboyance to the herbaceous border. Commonly known as 'Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate' this annual Persicaria stands over 7 feet tall and is a worthy addition to the border this year. At the end of the tall arching stems are long, cerisse tassels that gently sway as the breeze blows across the border. Seeds will be collected from this unusual, and rarely seen, plant for more to be grown next year.

'Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate'


  1. I grew this fabulous plant for several seasons allowing it to self seed every year. To be sure of keeping it you should save some seed but being me I was too lazy and subsequently lost it.
    This year seven years later i noticed a seedling had struggled up in my 'giant' herbaceous border and it is struggling into flower.
    I am hoping - but not expecting - the autumn will be long enough for some seed to mature

    1. Hi Roger, we are hoping to get some seed too. If you need any let us know and we can send some to you, if we get some! Regards Ali