Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Stihl HSA 25 Cordless Shrub And Grass Shears

The Stihl HSA 25 Cordless Shrub And Grass Shears Kit

Grass Shears With Trimming Blade Attached and The Hedge Trimmer Blade

Impressed by just how easy to use and how light, quiet, powerful the Stihl cordless blower and Stihl cordless hedge trimmer are, another piece of equipment has been purchased from the Stihl cordless range. For the hedge trimmer see blog entry 18th September 2015 'Stihl HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer' and the 7th September 2016 'Stihl Cordless Hedge Trimmer With Battery Belt'.

Telescopic Arm and Case

Pushing It Along The Top Of The Grass Banks

The new tool is the 'Stihl HSA 25 Cordless Shrub and Grass Shears' which is perfect for trimming the very awkward areas on the grass banks that the Flymo can not reach, these areas were previously cut with edging shears. With the Stihl telescopic arm attached to the trimmer, and the small wheels clipped on to its base, the new tool is pushed along the grass, the trimming blade cutting the grass as it goes. Impressed again the team are very happy with their new piece of equipment.    

Grass Shears With Grass Trimmer Blade

Stihl HSA 25 Cordless Shrub And Grass Shears With Telescopic Arm And Wheels

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