Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Agapanthus And Nerine

Agapanthus And Nerine Placed Out For Planting

The border in front of the Nuffield Building went through a transformation last month, see blog entry 16th May 'From Lavender To Bearded Iris'. However, the iris flower in May and early June, so what plant or plants could the team put in to the border to extend the flowering period and would also flourish in well drained, slightly dry soil, a sheltered position and in full sun? (The bearded iris love having their rhizomes partially exposed and baked in the summer sun!)    


The New Mixed Border (Left)

The plants chosen to accompany the iris are Agapanthus (African Lily), flowering June to September, and Nerine (Nerine Lily), flowering September to October. The two varieties of agapanthus, 'Navy Blue' and 'Torbay', have tall stems with deep blue and mid blue flowers respectively, and the four varieties of Nerine bowdenii are 'Marjorie', 'Alba', 'Isabel' and 'Stephanie', on erect stems have pink, white, magenta and cream with a rose tint respectively.
The border, with its mixed colour palette and different flowering times, should now provide interest from May to October. However, following the removal of the old lavender, the gardening team are aware of the loss of this high in nectar plant for the pollinating insects but have, in recent years, planted other areas of lavender for them in the gardens, see blog entry for the 25th June 2015 'Lavender In The Sainsbury Building Planters'.   

Agapanthus 'Torbay'

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