Thursday, 22 June 2017

Preparing The Gardens For The College Ball

20 Rather Shaggy Yew Columns

Apart from their regular daily maintenance tasks the team's main priority over the last few weeks has been preparing the gardens for the college's triennial ball which is being held tomorrow night.

Just The Tops Left To Cut

Last week the team worked in the Provost's garden trimming the rather shaggy yew columns and yew hedges, smartening them up for the big day, the many roses were also dead headed and the borders weeded.

Cutting The Tops

Power Washing The Bridge

This week, with only two days to go, the bridge that links the Provost's garden with the Nuffield lawn was given a good wash off with the power washer.

Moving The Display

Over in the Provost's yard, Besse Building courtyard, the oak planters were removed from the central walkway and placed around the sides to create more space for the many guests. These planters will have their winter/spring display removed next week and replanted with their display for the summer.

Herbaceous Border (R) Roped Off

In the Nuffield lawn area, having been weeded and dead headed, the herbaceous borders and the 'border in the corner' were roped off to give the plants some protection just in case there is too much merriment resulting in a loss of balance! Tomorrow the team will continue to make the garden perfect for this very special event.

Herbaceous Border (L) Roped Off

'Border In The Corner' Roped Off

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